Biography of Juny Mutoba K.

Juny Mutoba Kensela (02 July 1989 - 02 May 2011)

Born on July 2, 1989 in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Juny Mutoba Kensela is the eldest of a family of two daughters whose father is Sylvain K. Kensela and mother is Sarah Mbiye Bitota.

Juny Mutoba Kensela

At a very early age, Juny began to develop a special interest in the people around her, outside the circle of her small family. An undistinguished outside world, which she will never find hostile but rather will accommodate so easily, in her own way, like a big family.

From her intrinsic links with Claudia, her little sister, Juny will nourish in her universe, very particular relations with each one, to the point where all around her, will find in her life, a place not only unique, but even privileged!


Her many intellectual and artistic talents harmonized with a humorous nature and a sense of personal responsibility, will soon propel her to become a kind of family "gatherer", an archivist of memories, a point of attraction and friendship among her colleagues, teachers, neighbors, and anyone else who would like to join her world.


After arriving in Zimbabwe at the age of ten, following some disruptions in her primary education due to her father's profession, which had been marked by inumerable movements as employed by the United Nations, Juny will spend the rest of the eleven years of her life mostly in Bulawayo.

She brilliantly completes her secondary shool and by then already has several ambitions in the business world. She even creates a small virtual design business on her computer that she calls « Cosy Productions » and she is already dreaming of buying a retirement villa for her parents in Cyperus... She is also planning to write the biography of her father, whose leadership she greatly admires.

At the age of 21, begins the final chapter of her life when, after missing out on a university visa to Canada, she is enrolled to study at Monash University in South Africa. Juny is diagnosed with leukemia three months after starting classes at the university and would not be able to continue her studies.

This last stage of her life is characterized by the degree of maturity and endurance that she shows thanks to her profession of faith in God that she does not hesitate to confess publicly. She thus vigorously impregnates all her entourage including her own parents, her sister and all her relatives.

She passes away on May 02, 2011, two months before reaching her 22nd birthday.

Below is a small testament to Juny's impact on her family and how her memory is cherished among her loved ones:

  • Juny Home Childcare, Atlanta, USA – 2013: A home daycare named after Juny, founded and run by her aunt, Mrs. Annie Musau.
  • Juny Bitota Mbiye, Brussels, Belgium - 2013: The name given to her little cousin who was born two years after Juny's passing.
  • JMK Branding, Michigan, USA - 2020: A digital design and media production agency named after Juny and inspired by her talent, created and run by her sister Mrs. Claudia B. Kensela Mukenge (
  • JMK Foundation, Wallonia, Belgium - 2021: The Juny Mutoba K. Foundation which bears her name.