Juny's Poetry and Art

I am a Teacher!

Juny Mutoba Kensela
Be Inspired by the Wind

Be inspired by the wind
Who dances the Earth since time began
Who saw how sea and sky were split
And made her home where these would meet

So frail may seem her pushing powers
To slightly swing and cradle flowers
Refreshing breeze for amorous pairs
Carrying scented smells on summer airs

Hear the Wind when she whimpers and pleads
Singing hoarse songs on what loneliness yields
The coldest emotions are those she must bear
From here to there
That’s how she survives

Stand in awe when she raises her voices
In deathly howls and frightening noises
It is at this time that her sorrow is greatest
In the dead of night, when it is the loneliest

Juny Mutoba Kensela

Paper Boy

The rooster crows, the town lies still,
The sun yet sleeps behind the hill
A lone shadow, the paper boy goes
Through the streets of houses in row

Each one with a garden, each one with a gnome
Beautiful houses, each one a home
With dazzling cars parked on the lawn
The paper boy walks all alone

One by one the people awake The sun comes out in time for day break
The children meet on the street to play
As most kids do on a holiday

The paper boy his rounds has ended
His back is sore, his bicycle bended
He pushes it past the playing children
Past gossiping women and fat bellied men

His is the one with the broken window
With the unpainted fence and roof hanging low
He knows there’s no breakfast and rarely supper
For lunch he’ll have his bread and butter

Slowly he hedges towards the door
His old dog is lying on the floor
His only companion and faithful friend
His only companion and faithful friend

Juny Mutoba Kensela, 23 Oct 2010