Capacity Building for Youth

Why JMK Foundation?

JMK Foundation stands for "Juny Mutoba KENSELA Foundation". JMK Foundation encompasses two concepts: Information Technology (ICT) and Entrepreneurship. JMK Foundation seeks to reduce youth unemployment, estimated at over 70% in the African continent, through the acquisition of adequate skills by these youth. JMK Foundation focuses on ICT, while ensuring that the youth acquire basic entrepreneurship skills. The ICT world is experiencing a high demand for manpower and business opportunities. We help young people create Startups and face the ever-increasing recruitment demands of our modern world, the later being growingly innovatory and ever changing.

In this modern digital age, companies, industries and institutions rely more on technology to achieve their strategic goals. To create the expected value for an organization, this technology must be implemented and operated by a sufficiently skilled workforce.

JMK Foundation has a twofold objective: firstly, to bridge the gap between the rapidly evolving information technology and the competence of the young ICT community in developing countries. Secondly, to prepare these young professionals for the employment offered by investment opportunities, enabling them to become business leaders and decision makers.

JMK Foundation's approach is to provide condensed and tailor-made capacity building courses in specific ICT fields and to create a community of young people ready to launch startups.


JMK Foundation Concept

Recently published national skills audit reports in some African countries show that these countries face a critical skills gap of more than 60% , with the largest gap identified in the area of science and technology. Worse still, this gap was even more evident in the engineering and technology sector, where the skills gap reached 94%.

One should not look too far for the answer to this perplexing skills gap. Most African universities offer degree programs that are primarily theory-based. Their programs are not always aligned with industry requirements, which are based on the rapidly changing modern digital world. It would be unsustainable for these universities to keep up with the fast-paced evolution of 21st century technologies, as this would require constant revision and updating of their programs and capacity building of lecturers.

JMK Foundation offers the following programs:

1. Entrepreneurship - Practical and specialized courses in leadership, management and entrepreneurship. Full sessions that last three months and accelerated sessions of six weeks. The result is the creation of a pool of highly skilled professionals ready to be employed, in general, in any business, and in particular, in high technology (High-Tech).

2. Software Engineering - These practical courses are grounded on modern full-stack Web-based software engineering, using latest technologies, frameworks, architecture and programming languages. Full sessions last two months and accelerated sessions last only one month.

Target Group

JMK Foundation’s target group includes on one hand, the young generation of students and graduates as well as all those who wish to pursue a career in software engineering, and on the other hand, those who wish to start small and medium-sized businesses in the modern technology sector.

Project Financing Model

The funding approach of the JMK Foundation projects is to seek grants from the international donor community, with logistical and operational support from the recipient country.